42 Pressed

Scape Wall 2020 Calendar

Letterpressed in house on 100 lb thick cotton-ey stock, which lends to the copious amount of texture you see, this 2020 wall calendar is hand ripped sheet by sheet to create a one of a kind piece of art to adorn your walls. With 6 sheets, each month is printed twice on each sheet. When you’ve completed each month, simply unscrew the posts and remove your top sheet to reveal a completely new look and landscape. Please note that every piece is not exactly alike.

Ships in 1-2 days

42 Pressed is a letterpress and creative studio based in Charleston, SC. They specialize in producing one of a kind, minimal lifestyle collections that live on or are created with the intention of being released in a limited capacity. By producing like this, they are able to keep things fresh while pushing ourselves creatively. They travel, explore, experiment, reflect, and as a result, CREATE.

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