Aplat Inc

Wide Culinary Tote

The wide plate tote is designed to carry large rectangular party platters, pans and casseroles. Simply slide your plate through the wide 2 inch center opening. Plat Totes are sturdy and keep items horizontal and upright while in transit. Perfect for potlucks, picnics and everyday shopping. Fashion for your food. Wide Tote Size: 15” x 16.5” (flat). 2” wide center opening. Two straps 13” long. Capacity: 13” round or 9”x 13” to 12” x 15” rectangles.

Ships in 1-2 days

Aplat is a culinary design company that makes products centered around sharing food, wine, and flowers. Their products are for people and the planet, changing the way they live at home and changing the way the industry manufactures.

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