Barrel Smoked Maple Syrup

Tippleman's slowly smoke organic Vermont maple syrup over Willett bourbon barrel pieces at a very low temperature, imparting it with subtle smoke while keeping its buttery flavor. The end product is a smoky and sweet maple with notes of vanilla, bourbon and butterscotch.

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Crafting only the finest syrups for his nightly cocktail, Tippleman became obsessed with foraging the finest ingredients to fill his jars.

Far in his burrow and well past sundown, Tippleman extracted sugars and oils, fanned syrups with smoke and swished and swirled while he teetered and tippled. Slowly a library of syrups had formed and he had far too many to continue hoarding. His parts and parcels can find their way into your own cups to cheers the night to your joys and sorrows.

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