Rachel Pfeffer

Big Brass Honeycomb Hair Slide

A honeycomb for your hair! This large handmade brass honeycomb has a curve to it to hug your hair. The honeycomb measures about 3.5 inches across, and the pin is close to 4.25” inches long. Available with a dangling bee or no bee. To hold more hair, give it a gentle bend over a rolling pin or glass. That will allow more hair to be held beneath it.

Ships in 1-2 days

Rachel Pfeffer's shop started off slow and steady way back in 2007, when she was making duct tape purses in college. It started in high school, and she thought she was the coolest cat around. It was before the duct tape craze though, so she likes to think of herself of some kind of pioneer. That's why her shop was originally called Lucky Duct! Then somewhere in there she started making Bullet Buddies (which may still come back), that were little characters she carved and hammered and drilled into empty bullet shells. Around 2009 she really started in on the jewelry, kicked the duct tape accessories to the curb, and she's been making jewelry ever since!

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