Battle Born Pins

Bristlecone Pine Pin

The Nevada state tree, the bristlecone pine! 

This majestic tree is among the longest-lived life forms on Earth. The oldest, Pinus longaeva, is more than 4,800 years old making it the oldest known individual of ANY species. This unique tree thrives in places where most other plants cannot grow, in rocky soils with virtually no rainfall. This pin measures almost 2" and has 2 posts on the back. 

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Battle Born Pins is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, the "Battle Born"  state! These pins are inspired by vintage neon signs and architecture. Many of these monuments are no longer with us, so these pins are a tiny reminder of the beautiful mid-century city Vegas once had. They hope that by spreading awareness of these iconic designs more people will be interested in preserving the signs and buildings that are still left.

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