Sendero Provisions Company

Cowboy Hat

Some of us just can't pull off wearing a Cowboy Hat. And some of us should never wear one. So Sendero made a Cowboy Hat for everyone! You won't find this hat home on the range... you'll find it home on your noggin'!

  • Foam Trucker Hat
  • Embroidered Logo
  • 5-Panel
  • Easy Curve Visor
  • Snapback
  • Classic Sendero Labels

Ships in 1-2 days

Sendero was born out of one thing: the love for the West. The landscapes, cultures, history, geology, flora, and fauna. All of it. Their very first hat came into being because of the wild West Texas views down in Big Bend country. And take it from them, there’s nothing better than putting on a hat that fits juuust right. They've been chasing that feeling ever since, and although they make a whole lot more than hats these days… that feeling of making their first hat is what keeps them going and pushing the boundaries.

There’s a simple list of things they value that make them who they are at Sendero: a hard day’s work, free-flowing rivers, public land, quality gear, live music, art for art’s sake, craft beverages, and fine Texas BBQ. So naturally, they planted their roots right in Waco, Tejas. They're not all Texans at Sendero, but “Texas” is more a state of mind than a birthright.

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