Crispy Cuts Island BBQ Pork Rind (1oz)

Crispy Cuts Pork Rinds are high in protein and low in carbs which makes them a great snack . Field Trip Crispy Cuts are lower in sodium and sugar than other commercial competition. It is the perfect snack for your glove compartment, backpack or purse.

Gluten Free, All Natural, no added preservatives or artificial flavors. These premium Pork Rinds are fried in their own rendered fat and tumbled with premium spice blends to add a unique twist to a classic snack.

This is the perfect purchase for a family looking for a chip alternative or an office kitchen looking to provide low carb snacks for employees.

  • All Natural
  • Gluten Free

Ships in 1-2 days

FIELD TRIP is a fast growing brand formed by 3 friends out of a NYC apartment in 2010 who saw a need to transform meat snacks alternatives in a broken marketplace after tasting their first craft jerky on the ski slopes in Vermont. FIELD TRIP saw the need for healthier protein-rich snacks that didn't sacrifice quality and taste. FIELD TRIP is a health lifestyle brand aimed at providing delicious and versatile snacks that complement a large variety of on-the-go consumers. Today, FIELD TRIP offers a robust line of meat snacks as well as a new plant based protein chickpea butter line.

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