Derelict / Not Forgotten Postcards

Postcards from an on-going project with no site specific boundaries by Victoria Hogan. Each comes with 10 different postcards.

Ships in 1-2 days

Victoria Hogan lives in Las Vegas, NV but works everywhere. A Southern transplant turned desert dweller, Hogan obtained her MFA from UNLV in 2011. After spending the last 10 years in the work force & with the creation of her business Flora Pop Hogan had little time to devote to an art practice. Unknowingly, while photographing other subject matter related to work, Victoria uncovered 1,000s of images that were unrelated. At a closer look, these bodies of work were a direct reflection of her mental & emotional state, as well as a continuation of work she had started in graduate school. The use of film is Hogan's only means of photography at this time, digital doesn't quite sit right within her practice.

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