Outer Peace by Anusree Sattaluri

Girl/Painting in Cafe Print

rt Print. Unframed.

Fine art reproduction of original watercolour and gouache painting.

The 8”x10” print is printed on a 10pt felt woven card-stock with a toothy watercolor texture. This print is made with archival quality inks on high quality paper that won’t fade over time.

Ships in 1-2 days

Anusree Sattaluri is the artist behind Outer Peace. Outer Peace by Anusree Sattaluri is a collection of Prints and Ceramics depicting overly romanticized everyday scenes designed to visually bring warmth and calm to the viewer and through the process to the creator. Her work is inspired by the peace that can be found in stillness and solitude. Visually creating this while struggling with anxiety and depression helps her find her calm. Her work portrays her home as a sanctuary filled with everything that brings her peace - light, order, books, tea and an abundance of plants.

She is a self-taught artist and she draws and paints out of her apartment in Ann Arbor, Michigan while drinking copious amounts of tea. At other times you can find her at the local ceramic studio experimenting away.

All her prints are made with archival quality inks on high-quality paper that won’t fade over time. They are all drawn and painted by hand using watercolour and gouache. Her Ceramics are wheel-thrown or hand-built, hand-painted and glazed by me.

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