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Grey Match Striker

Ceramic match striker- Use the unglazed roof of the match striker to ignite a strike anywhere match and get rid of unsightly match boxes by storing them in the match striker hut. Each piece comes with a match paper sticker on the bottom to be used with regular matches in a pinch. Materials: speckled clay and food safe glaze Weight: 6 oz. Dimensions 2’’ x 3’’ inches. Each piece of pottery is handmade, therefore some may vary slightly in color and size.


As a child Samantha was a craft enthusiast, trying out every craft she could get her hands on but just couldn't find one that came naturally to her. It wasn't until moving to Red Hook in Brooklyn, NY that she stumbled upon pottery making classes. Soon after that she began stock piling ceramic supplies and slowly building up her inventory for her own studio. She learns something new everyday with this craft and has fallen in love with the endless possibilities of it.

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