Hellcats USA

Luck Mood Card

Is it your lucky day?! Place your finger on the card for the answer. Credit card sized, to fit in your wallet. Reverse side can be used as a spinner to determine who will pay for the next drink, or whatever else!

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Hellcats USA is a wife and husband collaboration between them, Brittany Reagan and Clark Orr. As owners of individual businesses, they wanted to find a way to put their talents together and work on something new. Hellcats is a cross-section of their two styles, ideas, and tastes put into product form. It's a little dark, but not negative, and a little bit fun, but not overly cutesy. Just the right amount of tough with a pinch of sparkle.

All of their products are designed and packaged in-house, by them. In fact they make many of their products in their studio here in Orlando FL. They screen print and letterpress, stamp their own pencils, and even pour their own candles. Their equipment allows instant production and real-time quality control. For everything else, they work with manufacturers who they've worked with for several years on other projects. This gives them close access to the production process that only comes through years of working relationships.

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