MAURO Seed Co.

Cool Season Garden Seed Kit

This is 8 packs of the best-selling cool season veggies in a beautiful, color themed, damage-proof package that customers can’t resist picking up. Gardeners and Gifters alike will instantly connect with this company's story and giving model. Each Seed Kit includes a 22-page grow guide for the rookie gardener. The Cool Season Seed Kit includes one pack each of Lettuce, Onion, Carrots, Peas, Spinach, Broccoli, Beets and Turnip seeds. These seeds look good, sell good, and do good. Fall, Spring.

Ships in 1-2 days

MAURO Seed Co. is the seed company with a cause. For every pack of seeds sold, one is given to someone in need. Grow one, Give one. These seeds have been grown in 6 countries to feed the worlds poorest. Meanwhile, Mauro has reinvented the category. Seed racks = too many SKUs, inventory, floorspace, product damage, labor - and only 20% sell through.  Best-sellers are put in color coordinated, eye-catching, damage-proof bundles that customers can't resist picking up.

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