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Heirloom Tomato Seed Kit

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This is 7 packs of the best-selling tomato varieties in a beautiful, color themed, damage-proof package that customers can’t resist picking up. Gardeners and Gifters alike will instantly connect with this company's story and giving model. Each Seed Kit includes a 22-page grow guide for the rookie gardener. The Heirloom Tomato Seed Kit lets customers grow a tomato tableau with carefully crafted combination of colors, sizes and flavors. These seeds look good, sell good, and do good. Winter, Spring.

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MAURO Seed Co. is the seed company with a cause. For every pack of seeds sold, one is given to someone in need. Grow one, Give one. These seeds have been grown in 6 countries to feed the worlds poorest. Meanwhile, Mauro has reinvented the category. Seed racks = too many SKUs, inventory, floorspace, product damage, labor - and only 20% sell through.  Best-sellers are put in color coordinated, eye-catching, damage-proof bundles that customers can't resist picking up.

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