I Adorn U

Midcentury Cinder Block Necklace

Thick "Mid Century Cinderblock ©" is a unique solid sterling silver necklace. Listing is for one thick Small Squares necklace.These sterling silver pendants are inspired by Las Vegas neighborhoods.  One can relate, since most cities; Palm Springs, Honolulu, Las Vegas have these midcentury cement block details.

These designs are made by Mary Beth Heishman. These were designed, made into a wax like substance and then a plaster mold was made. After the plaster mold was created around wax, molten sterling silver was poured into the wax/design cavity. This is sterling silver casted. You will not find another pendant like this. A sterling silver chain (18") holds the composition, links are soldered for well crafted necklace. Cinderblock is 1" in length.

Ships in 1-2 days

Each I Adorn U piece has a personal narrative. The creator is influenced by her environment: a desert landscape, highlighted by the twinkle of the Las Vegas skyline.

Beth is inspired by Inca heritage and how her ancestors used gold. Her interest in design came at an early age, as she remembers admiring the detail and skill in the metal works of the Incas that she saw in books and later in the museums in Peru. The silver and gold artifacts are beautiful and Beth wanted to work in the same media.  It is no wonder the Inca's used cool colors of silver to mimic the moon and gold as the warmth of the sun.

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