Hillery Sproatt

Moonshine Kaki Blanket

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Reminiscent of a mossy pond reflecting the sunset’s warm hues across the ever-changing surface of the water. Subtle shifts in the phases of the moon are glowing reminders to soak up the stars in this very moment and appreciate how gently and swiftly time passes.

Thoughtfully designed, crafted and knitted in the USA, each blanket is made from 80% recycled cotton and 20% poly, making them the perfect weight for year-round use. Blankets measure approximately 50" x 60" and can be machine washed and dried on cool/delicate cycle. Available in kaki and cobalt.

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Driven by her desire to make fine art functional, Hillery Sproatt translates her paintings into textiles. Her background in fine art coupled with the early influence of her mother, fiber artist and clothing designer Debra Weiss, fueled her love for pattern and design.

Inspired by Japanese, Scandinavian and Eastern European design, Hillery's organic shapes, whimsical landscapes, and childlike creatures draw connection between home and nature. Designed to inspire sweet dreams, her intuitive painting process lends itself to the discovery of beautiful patches of densely knit pattern and abstract marks.

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