Battle Born Brand

Mr Brightside Sticker

The anthem of the early 2000's, lets all sing along to Mr. Brightside! Cause we all know, "it was only a kiss..." Measuring 3"x2" this high quality "kiss cut" style sticker will be sure to make your day (or your fellow The Killers fans' day!) Photographing stickers is always a challenge for me, the background of this sticker is actually a very light blue, not white as some photos might be perceived. 

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Battle Born Pins is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, the "Battle Born"  state! These pins are inspired by vintage neon signs and architecture. Many of these monuments are no longer with us, so these pins are a tiny reminder of the beautiful mid-century city Vegas once had. They hope that by spreading awareness of these iconic designs more people will be interested in preserving the signs and buildings that are still left.

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