Plant Hoop

A plant hoop provides your green baby with room to breath and grow. Great for tighter spaces and apartments needing a plant pop. 4.35 x 4.25" bracket with 6" hoop attached. extends off of wall a total of 10.25", fits a standard 6" pot & comes with hanging hardware. Powder Coat Finish.

Ships in 1-2 days

Boonies is a design and fabrication studio based in Lafayette, Louisiana. Founded by Jayna and Justin Roy in 2016, Boonies brings a modern touch to traditional craft. They offer full scope 3D rendering, project planning and fabrication services for projects in South Louisiana and beyond.

They have a full metal shop with MIG & TIG welding, lathe, milling & fabrication capabilities equipped to service commercial & residential projects. Boonies has a small woodshop to support your project needs. Their capabilities include built in structures, commercial and retail fixtures such as bars, shelving, furniture, holiday display and more. They work within a variety of product budgets and needs to bring your project to life.

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