Sir Milky Quartz

Pressed Plant Vinyl, Fanny Pack

Clear vinyl fanny packs perfect for travel, or any hands-free moment in life. Handmade in a Providence, RI studio these pressed plant goods are made in limited edition sets of seasonal florals, each piece unlike another. These pouches are outfitted with adjustable straps and buckle with a clasp closure, finished with gold leaf for a touch of magic.

This fanny pack measures 7” x 5” with adjustable strap

Due to the nature of seasonal botanical findings these bags are made in limited edition sets. Each piece will vary due to the nature of how it is made, no exact replicas are ever produced. Organic material will naturally fade due to direct sunlight exposure, to preserve your SMQ accessory store it away from a window when not in use.

Ships in 1-2 days

Sir Milky Quartz is a narrative, collection and journey born from the process of nesting into home life and one’s personal style. Artist, Savannah Marie and her inspiration and companion, Milky Quartz bring to you a brand of curated findings and handmade sentiments. Their collection is sustainably upcycled and thoughtfully procured both locally and globally to bring you a look which is uniquely Sir Milky Quartz. They hope their work brings you a sense of joy and intimacy in life, and in the home.

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