Daughter of the Land

Sensitive Skin Gift Set by Daughter of the Land

The Sensitive Skin Gift Set includes the versatile and magical, The Oil in Rosehip Bloom, and our CBD Balm in Chamomile to cover all your everyday skin care needs. The Oil is our favorite product as a daily facial (and all over) moisturizer, and contains zero essential oils, just a hint of sweet rose de mai extract.  The CBD Balm in Chamomile is the perfect travel companion to soothe muscles, joints, lips, and skin on the go and contains zero essential oils, just a hint of sweet chamomile extract. These beauties come in our multi functional organic- fair trade cotton makeup bag. These are 100% organic and fair trade and formulated for our bodies and our planet. More info in each item:

The Oil: Rosehip Bloom

CBD Balm: Chamomile

Daughter of the Land represents a way of living which extends beyond the products they offer. Their vision is to bring greater awareness to the ways they consume and relate to both our bodies and our planet. They create beautiful, highly-effective, multifunctional organic skincare with the lowest possible impact on the environment. All of their products are crafted with love, formulated with intention, and thoughtfully packaged in biodegradable and fully recyclable materials. 1% of Daughter of the Land sales are donated to nonprofit organizations focused on women's rights and the protecting our planet.

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