Serpentine Canvas Tote Bag

Sturdy bag screen printed in bright, metallic gold ink & hand embroidered with a pop of detail. A sweet, hand stitched sun in vivid pink or moon in white thread adds just enough texture and makes each bag a one-of-a-kind.


∙ Made in the USA
∙ Design by Eradura, locally screen printed by Noisy Neighbors Print
∙ Metallic gold ink on 10 oz black canvas tote
∙ 13" x 14" w/ roomy 3" gusset & sturdy webbed handles
∙ Eradura logo on backside
Ships in 1-2 days

Growing up in West Texas, the creator was instilled with a deep rooted love of everything the desert offered: bleached sands and blushing skies and a midday sun so bright you'd never believe it could sink into night. Desert imagery isn't so much my inspiration as it is what comes tumbling out of me naturally. It's the language that she knows.

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