Small Adventure

Small Adventure - Weaving Woman Print 11x14

∆ Printed in the USA on eggshell finish paper
∆ Ships in biodegradable sleeve with protective backing board
∆ 11x14 inch print
∆ Originally illustrated in watercolor and gouache
∆ Compostable plastic sleeve made from PLA

Ships in 1-2 days

Keiko Brodeur began making illustrated paper goods under the name Small Adventure in 2009 in order to explore being a self-taught illustrator after having graduated with a graphic design degree and working in a few different fields. She soon fell in love with creating illustrations for greeting cards and other products for her own small business. Small Adventure was founded with the intention of exploring the majesty of nature through illustration and as a company the idea of preserving our earth is paramount. Plant-based "plastic" sleeves that are biodegradable and fully compostable are used to package all greeting cards and prints and all packaging materials that arrive to the studio in supply shipments are re-used for outgoing shipments. The aim of Small Adventure is to use illustration as a way to remind us all to connect back with the beauty around us and to be inspired by cultures and traditions that may be different from our own. We hope you enjoy each item we make!

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