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Snowball Cauliflower Seeds

This heirloom cauliflower (Brassica oleracea var. botrytis) is “self blanching,” meaning the heads retain their snow white nature without the need to tie the top leaves together to keep the curds protected from light. Plants are compact and are faster growing than many modern varieties.

Cauliflower is a biennial crop that will produce harvestable heads approximately 70 days from transplanting seedlings or 100 days from direct seeding.

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The mission of The Plant Good Seed Company is connecting plants and people. They offer vegetable, flower, and herb seed varieties sourced directly from their farm in Ojai, California and a network of growers that reflect their agriculture ethic.

  • Organic seed varieties are certified by Oregon Tilth.
  • They do not carry genetically engineered or treated seeds in their catalog.
  • Their seeds are stored in climate-controlled conditions to ensure their quality and long-term viability. 

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