Debbie Carlos Studio

Squiggle Soap Dish

A Debbie Carlos Studio classic - the squiggle dish is great for holding soap, keeping dishwashing sponge dry and off the counter, and as a resting place for your incense. It is also delightful as a little random sculpture on your shelf.

Each piece is hand built, using white stoneware clay, and glazed white, with the tips glazed in different colors. Each piece is hand made, so please allow for some variation in shape, size & finish. 

Ships in 1-2 days

Debbie's career in the arts started with photography. Her photos were always an exploration of a sense of place and an idea of home, portraying that in subtle strange & playful ways. Debbie's imagery has always sought to find the beauty and sometimes the sublime hidden in often overlooked moments. As she has grown as an artist, the need to make has extended to other mediums and ceramics has become another perfect way of exploring ideas. It is another way for Debbie to play with form in playful and unconventional ways to make functional objects that make our day to day more beautiful.

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