Freckled Fuchsia

Summer Garden Art Print

Summer Garden Giclee Art Print

Size: 8" x 10"

Paper: Soft white, 100% Cotton

This is an archival print, which means that the paper won't yellow, and the colors will not fade over time. 

Illustrated by Chandlyr Jackson in Portland, Maine, printed in the USA and ships plastic-free. Colors are rich, and bold.

*Please note that this print does not come with a frame.

Ships in 1-2 days.

Freckled Fuchsia was founded by Chandlyr Jackson at the intersection of playful creative practices, and contemporary design. Her love for the design process, vibrant colors, lively patterns, and tactile print making techniques has led her to create products and inspire others through the lens of block printing and pattern design.

Chandlyr is a Designer and Printmaker rooted in Portland, Maine. She has her BS in Industrial Design from Wentworth Institute of Technology, and has worked as a User Experience and User Interface Designer for a couple of years before diving into her own independent work. Even though her formal background is in Industrial Design, much of the pattern design, graphic design and printmaking work that she has created through Freckled Fuchsia is primarily self-taught. In addition to her own work, she has collaborated with other women-owned brands such as HausWitch, Rosebud CBD, Dough and Zoe Muse Fashion, and looks forward to working with other lifestyle and wellness brands.

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