54 Celsius

Tallow - Black Velvet

A candle needs the candlestick, which requires a candle in return. The Tallow unites these two objects through melding them into an inseparable union. Bathe in its light for eight long hours or accessorize with it for all eternity. Snuff before bedtime. Designed by Ontwerp Duo and handmade in The Netherlands.

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The fantastic world of Ontwerpduo emerges from the collaboration and chemistry between Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink. Tineke likes to imagine things just a little bit differently to the way they are by fantasising new functions for them, largely ignoring any practical or technical restrictions. Often these things are in a form that seems impossible – until Nathan becomes involved. Every design expresses a male and female side: technical alongside story-telling, function alongside colour and charm, Nathan alongside Tineke and vice versa.

Ontwerpduo is now an established name in Dutch design. What started as a duo is now a design studio with a close-knit team of devisers and doers. Ontwerpduo’s premises are on the historic site where the first electricity generating station in Eindhoven stood (from 1912). The building is part of the NRE area, and acts as design studio, laboratory, workshop and showroom. Part of the production is carried out there, and the rest is produced as close to home as possible: mostly in the Netherlands, never outside Europe.

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