Jenni Earle

Trust Yourself Bandana

We ALL need a reminder to TRUST OURSELVES! Carry, wear or tuck this super soft hand-dyed and triple washed bandana to keep your trust close. Bravery starts with trust, trailblazers. handmade in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Hand-dyed, screenprinted, hand-drawn design, with “trust yourself” on one corner.

Ships in 1-2 days

The love of bandanas started early with Jenni Earle. Growing up in West Virginia, she loved working in the garage with her grandpa, Earl. He always had a bandana tucked into his pocket that he’d use to wipe the sawdust off a piece of furniture he was building or clean his hands after coming out from under the hood of a car. He never said, “you’re too young to help”, or “you’re a girl, so probably shouldn’t run the drill press”. When he wasn’t looking, Jenni would swipe that bandana and hold it, trying to channel all his strength and bravery into my being.

Holding that 22” square of cotton, Jenni felt like she could conquer anything. the bandana became a talisman for her, a symbol of that bravery.

Forever a maker, Jenni is bringing earl’s bandana to you.

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