Daisy Natives

Venus Symbol Glitter Sticker

Who doesn't love stickers? Stick them on your car, your laptop, your water bottle...the possibilities are endless! These stickers are durable, weatherproof and dishwasher safe so you don't have to worry about rain, sunlight fading or scratching.

Venus Symbol Glitter Sticker: 1.85" x 3"

Ships in 1-2 days

Daisy Natives is a lifestyle brand for champagne clinkers, confetti throwers, and the ones who have too many revolutionary ideas keeping them at night. They don't compete, they empower. They book flights to places they've never been with no real plan in mind. They have dance parties with their best friends in their underwear at 2am. They embrace their weird and wear what they want.

They are Daisy Natives. Curating and creating magical things for us and you.

Daisy Natives is owned, operated, designed and curated by Sarah Eckett; a twenty something year old inspired by things that make her happy to be alive.

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