Wallace Lamp: Seconds batch


This is out of our batch of seconds. Because of our scrupulous standards, slight imperfections such as scratches, dents or blemishes get set aside during production. Rather than discard these products, we offer them as "seconds" at a discounted rate. These pieces are still completely functional and most imperfections are slight. Each product is photographed to illustrate. All seconds sales are final and may not be retuned or exchanged.

Designed as a minimal and functional lamp for any space. Hangs on the wall with a solid wood mount, swivels left and right and adjusts up and down on mount. Shade swivels in all directions to aim light where needed. Hand bent and welded. Powder coated in gloss white finish. Cloth covered power cord with wall plug.

Ships in 1-2 days

Onefortythree has quickly grown into a successful small business. Everything you see is designed and made, one at a time, by a husband and wife team in their shop in Southern Nevada. The creators are constantly making new things and improving old ones so the inventory is always changing and growing. Everything is made to order and shipped worldwide. Onefortythree has learned welding, upholstery, plywood molding, etc, on their own, but Logan learned woodworking from his dad.

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