Sqirl L.A. Jam

Jam is the Sqirl creation story. Now an internationally recognized breakfast + lunch restaurant in Virgil Village, Los Angeles, Sqirl started as a tiny jam company. And everything since then has radiated from their jam-making genesis. Sqirl jam has become much more than capturing in-season, of-the-moment fruit. It has always connected them to the seasons, to the farmers. And now, more than a decade later, it's a holistic part of everything they do every day. The journey of a piece of fruit from flower to jar touches many hands: at the farm, within their kitchen, and finally to wherever a jar is squirreled away.

Sqirl jam is meant to celebrate each one of those hands. They:

- Directly support 40+ local fruit farmers in California, all within a 350 mile radius of Sqirl's kitchen

- Only use fresh fruit: always organic or from farmers with thoughtful farming practices

- Never use frozen fruit or packaged purees or commercial pectin

- Only use Wholesome Sweetener Organic Sugar

- Make all jam in-house at a state of the art wholesale manufacturing facility under a Processed Food Registration License. (They do not co-pack.)

- Monthly profit share with their entire team of jam makers

- Are dedicated to preserving unique + rare varieties of produce

- Intentionally purchase entire crops of farmers’ fruit that do not have a home in restaurant kitchens due to the current pandemic

- Are nut free + gluten free

Ships in 1-2 days. 

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