Palms Face Mask

Washable and reusable Reversible with khaki lining 100% cotton body and lining. Breathable materials Can be worn with glasses without fogging your lenses Filter pocket. A replaceable filter can be made with the template provided with each order. You may also buy a PM 2.5 filter online. Includes nose piece for better fit New toggle system for customizable fit behind ears or on the back of the head.

Ships in 1-2 days

CASUPO creates one of the most environmentally conscious and durable leather goods in the USA. They rescue leathers from the past and give them a new life to lessen the amount of waste in the world. They also source sustainable leathers from gold rated tanneries to provide a product that is dyed using natural dyes which gives you a less toxic and more durable product. CASUPO is based in Long Beach, California, and their mission is to help reduce the impact on the environment and increase their impact on the next generation. 

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