Chaparral Studio

Indigo BFF Bandana Set

Love your dog so much you want a way to show off friendship? Same! Chaparral Studio designed a gift to share with your best friend forever, aka. your dog. A set of matching bandanas of course!

Each cotton cloth bag is hand dyed in natural indigo.
Inside are two indigo dyed bandanas.
One triangle shaped bandana for your dog. And one square shaped bandana for you!

Made of 100% cotton. Pre shrunk. Made by us in Los Angeles, Calif.
Every bandana is one of a kind!

Please note the dog bandana is suitable for medium to large breed dogs! HOWEVER you can double wrap for small sized dogs (as shown in photo). This is a very chic look! 

Chaparral Studio is a creative studio based in Los Angeles, California offering a collection of functional and playful objects that are original designs, many of which are handmade in the studio. Goods range from hand pressed brass key chains, handcrafted jewelry & miniatures, crystals thoughtfully packaged to tell a story, prints and then some.

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