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Jubilee Showgirl Pin

Jubilee! Was a Las Vegas based spectacular revue, running from 1981 to 2016. When it closed, it was the longest running production show in Las Vegas. The Jubilee! showgirls were an icon of old Vegas. 

This pin measures almost 2" tall, with the classic orange and pink enamel colors on black enamel plating. Available in 3 skin tones.

Fun facts about Jubilee! :

  • At its closing date Jubilee! features a cast of 66 showgirls and show boys. When it first opened the cast had over 100 performers in it.
  • The theater seated 1,033 people in a combination of theater style seats, swivel chairs, tables and booths.
  • The show was topless, for 18 and over
  • There were 75 stagehands working on the show.
  • All of the dressing rooms were in the basement, 2 flights of stairs below the stage, making for some dancers to do over 1,700 stairs a night.
  • Over 1,000 costumes were designed for Jubilee! By Pete Menefee and Bob Mackie.
  • The feathered headdresses worn by the showgirls weighed up to 35 pounds.
  • There were between 20 and 2,000 feathers on a single costume.
  • Delilah's crown was the largest jeweled headpiece in the show. The crown was 2 feet tall and is covered with 20 pounds of rhinestones.

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Battle Born Pins is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, the "Battle Born"  state! These pins are inspired by vintage neon signs and architecture. Many of these monuments are no longer with us, so these pins are a tiny reminder of the beautiful mid-century city Vegas once had. They hope that by spreading awareness of these iconic designs more people will be interested in preserving the signs and buildings that are still left.

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