Osso Ceramics

Match Striker and Holder

Match strikers! They come in a bunch of classic designs: Strawberry, Cherry, Lemon, Tooth, and Primrose (so far). They are designed to hold matches in the cup, to be able to strike matches on the unglazed surface, and then have a spot (the dish) to lay down your spent matches. MUST use strike anywhere matches. Each match striker might be a slightly different size but in general they are about 2 inches tall, with a 2 inch diameter cup and a 3.25 inch overall diameter. Each match striker has just one stamp on it to maximize the area where you can strike the match. The inside of the cups are glazed.

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Emma discovered ceramics early, in high school, where she was encouraged by her art teacher to pursue art as a career. After earning her BFA from New York University, Emma relocated to Denver (but has a traveling soul and will relocate again when it feels right!) to start her career. She has been doing ceramics semi-professionally for four years now, with no plans to stop and only plans to expand. Emma loves that so many people across the world enjoy her art and have made it a part of their daily routines!

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