Millennial Loteria

Millennial Loteria Board Game: Las Bitcoins (bingo markers)

Looking for the coolest coins for your lotería game? Or need some bingo chips, counters for kids’ math, or really any kind of cardboard chip? Be extra AF with these 240 extra bitcoin tokens and play with even more friends. You don’t need to be a Silicon Valley CEO to feel like a millennial millionaire, all you need to do is combine these bitcoins with the full Millennial Lotería game, which is sold separately. 

OMG IMPORTANT INFO: This package DOES NOT include the full Millennial Lotería game, just the extra bitcoin tokens. 

Ships in 1-2 days

Lotería is a classic game of chance, commonly called “Mexican Bingo,” where players compete to fill their playing boards. But instead of just numbers, Loteria uses a combination of images, words, and numbers in each card. The tradition got its start in the 17th Century, and has evolved countless times as generations pass.

A card is dealt from the deck, and any player that has the picture of that card on their board puts a marker on it. The first player to get four in a row shouts “Yaaaaasssssssssss, Millennial Lotería!" and wins the game.

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