Valerie Confections

My Dreams are Electric

My Dreams Are Electric is the second collaboration with Edible Gardens LA. The bar features 72% bittersweet chocolate speckled with bee pollen.

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Valerie Gordon and her husband and partner Stan Weightman Jr. started Valerie Confections out of their Los Angeles apartment in 2004 with six flavors of hand-dipped toffee. The company quickly became synonymous with luxury chocolate, and nearly 20 years later, it has grown exponentially to include truffles, chocolates, petits fours, baked goods like cakes and pies, and a neighborhood cafe. In addition to being a beloved hometown brand in Los Angeles, Valerie Confections is nationally recognized as one of the best confectioners and chocolatiers in the country.

Valerie Confections has been featured in theNew York Times, T Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, O Magazine, Food & Wine, and countless other top-tier print, digital, and TV outlets. Through the years, the company’s ethos has never wavered from making timeless, handcrafted treats from the highest-quality ingredients. Valerie Confections has always eschewed trends, instead taking inspiration from design, fashion, and luxury brands for Valerie’s modern takes on classic flavors. Hallmarks of the company include elegant packaging and a highly personal touch to each order: Every box of chocolates is thoughtfully packed by hand, every ribbon is hand-tied, and every expiration date is hand-written.

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