Copper & Needle

Plant Propagation Side Car | Test Tube Prop Station

What better place to keep your plant props than with the plant itself? This propagation "side car" is perfect for holding onto your propagations.

The copper side car goes directly into the soil and rests on the side of the pot for added support. The copper is flexible enough that you can make adjustments to the angle the test tube sits at once it is in the soil. The more compact the soil is, the sturdier the side car will be.

Each side car comes with a copper stake "side car" to put in the plant and a 45 ml glass test tube. Although copper will not rust, it will tarnish over time and change color. While Copper and Needle aims to make every product look identical, due to the handmade nature of this product, the color, shape, and size may vary slightly.

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Copper & Needle is a small business located in Columbus, Ohio.

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