The Plant Good Seed Company

Red Express Cabbage Seeds

A fast-growing cabbage (Brassica oleracea) variety that produces dense purple cabbage heads approximately 2-3 pounds in weight - often more. This is our go-to variety for our farm, especially during the late fall and early winter months when everything grows slower. Smaller plants mean they can be planted in a denser fashion, so this is definitely a great variety if you are a gardener working with limited growing area.

100 days from seed. Annual.

Ships in 1-2 days

The mission of The Plant Good Seed Company is connecting plants and people. They offer vegetable, flower, and herb seed varieties sourced directly from their farm in Ojai, California and a network of growers that reflect their agriculture ethic.

  • Organic seed varieties are certified by Oregon Tilth.
  • They do not carry genetically engineered or treated seeds in their catalog.
  • Their seeds are stored in climate-controlled conditions to ensure their quality and long-term viability. 

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