Wildsam Field Guides

Yosemite National Park Field Guide

A field guide to Yosemite: expert intineraries and campsite recs, rock climbers and actors, basecamp towns and park traditions 

Inside Wildsam Yosemite you'll find park stories from prize-winning authors, past and present; a detailed road trip plan to basecamp towns; interviews with search and rescue specialists, stragazers, rock climbers; delightful miscellany from the archives, selective recommendations about authentic Yosemite experiences and a deep dive into how to best explore the national park.

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Wildsam Field Guides is a modern travel brand rooted in a throwback sense of place. The guides tell the real stories of American cities through a blend of soulful memoir and local expertise. They aim to elevate every part of the travel guide genre, from the original voice to the unexpected contributors to the coffee-table-worthy aesthetic.

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